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Two Roxas Triangle stands right across One Roxas Triangle, thus its name. It is adjacent to the famed Ayala Triangle of the Makati Central Business District, along the corner of Paseo de Roxas and Cruzada Street. While Two Roxas Triangle is right at the heart of Makati, it is just a few minutes away from the Ortigas Business District and the government offices in Manila.

Two Roxas Triangle is a priviledged location. It is right where the Ayala Triangle is, and it is a spot that is most revered by businessmen and tycoons because of its symbolic 8 figure. For them, it signifies the infinite quality of life in the region. Regarded as a profitable place to do business, the Ayala Triangle became the home of the country’s finest hotels, dining places, retail stores, and corporate headquarters. It is also the place where established families, business owners, and diplomats converge.

Two Roxas Triangle is an 11,812 square meter property that is just a walking distance from the Mandarin Oriental Manila. It is near practically everything, especially banks and commercial districts. Right at the back of Two Roxas Triangle are the SM Jazz Mall and Century City Mall, two places where you can buy just about everything else that you can’t purchase in the retail stores inside the building. Also, Two Roxas Triangle is just a short drive away from Ayala Center, which is yet another major mall in the vicinity.

As for hospital and health care centers, the nearest ones are the Makati Medical Center and the Medicard Lifestyle Center, respectively. The banks near the area are a plenty, including Metrobank which is just across the street. The other ones are Banco De Oro and the Bank of the Philippine Islands.

There are two parks very near the area as well, and these are the Ayala Triangle Gardens and the Velasquez and Salcedo Parks. If you want to run around the jogging paths of these two parks, you may very well do so. Come during the morning and you’ll see a whole lot of other people doing their morning exercise routines.

If you’re a bit hungry and are looking for a good place to eat, the restaurants within the building will suffice. If not, you can always drive by the nearest malls. Little Tokyo, Bistro Aflonso and Starbucks are the best places to drop by in the area, just in case you don’t want to go through the usual hustle and bustles of going to a mall.

As for schools, the best choices are the Australian International School, La Consolation College, and Prima Day Care and Play School. The other places of interest that are near Two Roxas Triangle are the Department of Trade and Industry building, The Filipinas Heritage Library, Makati Stock Exchange, Urdaneta Village, and Peninsula Manila.

For those who have been doing business in the Makati CBD for quite some time now know how very convenient it can be to live right where the action is. Owning a condominium unit that is near your place of business and is just a striking distance away from other interesting spot in Makati is what makes Two Roxas Triangle the best option. But most importantly, Two Roxas Triangle supports the lifestyle that you lead – the one that’s luxurious, comfortable, and pleasurable.  

Two Roxas Triangle sits on a vast 11,812 square meter property situated within the heart of the country’s premier central business district. Adjacent to Ayala Triangle, Roxas Triangle forms the infinity figure or the number “8, a sign which has been long accepted to bring about good fortune. Located on the corner of Cruzada Street and Paseo de Roxas, Roxas Triangle is one of the most valuable pieces of real estate in the country today. 

A discreet location brings prime access and utmost exclusivity to a fine balance, ideal for enjoying the quiet and excitement that sets the country’s unrivaled financial capital apart. Two Roxas Triangle is centrally located within Makati City, just a few minutes away from Ortigas and Manila. It is an ideal residential address for those looking to be near their places of work, business, education and home. 

Two Roxas Triangle Makati is a short walk from the city's premier retail and entertainment hub and mall - giving residents an endless array of facilities and amenities for shopping.

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